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Summer Love 2016
6.9 of 192

Summer Love

HDRip 6.40 83 min
Socially conscious outdoor enthusiast Maya Sulliway has had to be both mother and father to her now teenage daughter Addison since the death of her husband, Nate. Maya is trying to reinvent her life for Addison's sake, she, as a mature thirty-five year old student, back at community college, with the ultimate goal of getting a job as an accountant, this short term financial struggle for longer term security. With Addison away at summer camp, Maya can focus on fulfilling her internship requirement for a class. Wanting to challenge her students, the professor, Eleanor, assigns Maya what is the dream internship for all her much younger classmates but not for her: at the social media high tech company Kizzmit, such business about which low tech and un-hip Maya knows nothing. She will be reporting directly to the company CFO Colin Fitzgerald, who founded the company with the CEO, Will Martin. Will and Colin are the yin and yang to the other: Will the slightly irresponsible but creative visionary who developed "Talker", the social app on which Kizzmit's success was founded, Colin the responsible control freak. Maya's internship coincides with Will making the final touches on Kizzmit's next big launch, that for "Talker 2", and the company holding its annual Pitchfest, open even to interns to pitch an idea for an app, the best idea which comes with a substantial financial bonus and equity within the final product developed by the company. Maya does feel like a fish out of water, especially among her much younger fellow interns who readily dismiss her, but she does catch the eye of one particular person at the company: Will. She tries to dissuade his grand romantic gestures in not wanting to jeopardize their employer/employee relationship and thus her completing the internship despite being attracted to him in return. As she final opens up to the possibility of he being Nate's replacement in her life, what happens is affected by she discovering just how competitive a nature exists at the company to the point of unethical behavior, someone else who may prove to be the supportive voice she wants as that replacement.


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